Velocity-Based Training

Technology has completely revolutionized the way we see the world, creating new inventions, not only for scientists and doctors and engineers but also for sportsmen. New technology has penetrated the sporting world, helping sportspeople become better versions of themselves. It helps them improve their game, their mindset, and also giving them a measure of a good performance or of a lack thereof. Fascinating much? We’re just getting started. We’re talking about Velocity-Based Training. 

It’s the only technology in the form of sports wearables which helps read the vital signs of athletes like the heart rate and oxygen level. However, the tech has found its way into the weights room too. GymAware has a product called the GymAware Powertool which is a small, portable, and accurate linear encoder that attaches to free weights bars and weight stack machines for measuring Power output. It combines the mobility of an iPad hand-held device to record data with the power of the Internet. GymAware data can be securely accessed online anywhere, any time. GymAware is used to assess the results in the gym because the strength training of an athlete is almost as important, if not more, as the coaching on the field. Hence, the results in the weights room can be used to have a general idea of the athlete’s physical condition and training plans can be made accordingly. 

The GymAware system helps athletes on several fronts. It allows the benchmarking of athletes by setting goals or saving previous goals in order for them to work harder. It also ensures the recovery of the athletes by measuring the return of power. By measuring power and speed in every repetition, it allows the coach to pinpoint the moment when the athlete has reached their peak and can help adjust the load on the body in order to protect them from an injury. Not only is it very easy to set up but also offers several different training programs which allow the coaches to mix-and-match in order to create new training programs for the athletes which help make training exciting and breaks the monotony. However, the best feature of the equipment is that it helps measure dozens of parameters like acceleration, power, velocity, force, and the work done. 

If you are a sports enthusiast and train professionally, GymAware is most certainly a treat. It can be very exciting to use and also make one look forward to training. This article may not be able to do justice to the experience and you should certainly check out Velocity-Based Training for yourself. 


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