The Unusual Sport of Leg Cricket

In India, cricket is no less than a religion, and the sport has a following unlike any other. The popularity of the game can be measured with the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 bagging a global average audience of 1.6 billion. But if you ever get bored with the normal variation of the game, Leg Cricket has got you covered. 

Yes leg cricket, like the sport of cricket, this also eleven players in each team contesting again each other in a circular field of 80-12 feet in radius. As the name suggests, you use your leg to score runs as the other team fields.

The bowler rolls down the ball in an under-arm action and the aim of the ‘Legsman’ is to score runs by hitting the ball with his leg. Just like the normal variation, you can score a six or a four by kicking the ball over the boundary ropes. 

A fantastic recreational game, it is played in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and some other parts of Asia. Different parts of India have different rules for the game but it was extensively played in Saint Francis High School ground of Aurangabad, Maharashtra in the years 1999 to 2002.

Introduced to the students by a local boy from Aurangabad, the sport because an instant hit and spread in all schools of Aurangabad. That boy who made this stellar of a sport is Mehul Sorathiya. Soon Leg Cricket picked up in other parts of the country with schools introducing the sport as part of physical fitness. 

As there were no standardized rules for the sport, Mr Jogender Prasad Verma, a Physical Education teacher in Delhi, started working and researching on the game. After a long and intense work on the sport, he introduced an official rule book on Leg Cricket in 2010.

A federation was formed to govern and promote the game at an international level known as the International Leg Cricket Council. The Council is headed by Shri Surender Kumar as the President and Shri Joginder Prasad Verma as the Secretary-General. The apex body that governs the game in India is the Leg Cricket Federation of India. Founded in 2011, the body is affiliated with the International Leg Cricket Council.

The game has a bright future in India, and it has picked up some heat in a concise period of time, reaching other parts of the world. Now there are necessary steps needed to promote the game among the younger players and development of the grassroots and infrastructure for the same. 

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