The Battle Between Sports and Covid-19

“Necessity is the mother of invention”- this phrase is applicable in every walk of life, yes, even in sports. When the dreaded virus struck the world of sports, we did manage to adjust to it and resume activities, but such is its effect, that there always is a risk factor associated. As Covid-19 cases continue to spiral now amidst its second wave, the country’s sporting fraternity is getting hit badly with more and more athletes and coaches getting infected in major cities like Bengaluru, Delhi and Patiala. The global economic slump caused by the Covid-19 pandemic could alter the sports industry in ways unthinkable. Some sports will be hit harder than others. The economic framework of international cricket is likely to change and lower-ranked nations will face a crisis in funds. Sports like hockey face a questionable future.

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How Much Do Professional Tennis Players Make

At some point in your life, you have watched a professional tennis match showing a grand slam like Wimbledon or the US Open and have thought that these guys must make a fortune. 

And you are probably right! They are filthy rich, but here’s the thing, behind every top player on T.V. whose name you recognize, there are 100’s if not 1000’s of unknown grinding it out in the tennis world. Playing tournament after tournament, week after week, vying for that spot on your TV. 

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How Will IPL Cope Without Audiences? What Does It Mean for Advertisers?

The Indian Premier League is all about drama, both on and off the field. However, a lot of drama has already unfolded even before the tournament has commenced. 

As if 2020 wasn’t strange enough, fans will see their favourite teams battle it out in the scorching heat of the UAE. It would be the first time since 2014 that IPL will be played on foreign soil, and only the third time in its thirteen-season history (South Africa hosted the 2009 IPL). 

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Why is India Lagging Behind in Game Publishing?

Gaming in India has always been prevalent, so much so that it has caused the Mahabharata in the “Dwapara Yuga” (around 3137 B.C) when a game of “Chausar” turned sour between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Games are always used as a tool to develop motor skills, improve concentration, and stamina. Over the years, the basic nature of games has changed from playing in a field – where you fight not only your opponent but also Mother Nature – to gaming parlours where you play in a dark A.C. room with neon lights around you.

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Humans Of Sport – Sharon Joe Thomas’s Story in the Trenches of Indian Football

My passion for football started when I was in class 4. As a child, I had numerous opportunities to play for the school team and represent them at the District level.

I joined a sports school in Coimbatore where I developed my game further and improvised my style of playing football. Since then, I was quite sure that the beautiful game was my future.

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