How Much Do Professional Tennis Players Make

At some point in your life, you have watched a professional tennis match showing a grand slam like Wimbledon or the US Open and have thought that these guys must make a fortune. 

And you are probably right! They are filthy rich, but here’s the thing, behind every top player on T.V. whose name you recognize, there are 100’s if not 1000’s of unknown grinding it out in the tennis world. Playing tournament after tournament, week after week, vying for that spot on your TV. 

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Killing the Beautiful Game: Hooliganism in the Indonesian Football League

It was September 23rd, West Java’s provincial capital, Bandung. A 23-year-old fan travelled from Jakarta to watch his favourite team, Persija Jakarta,  play their fierce rivals Persib Bandung. He met up with one of his local friends and they were on their way to the stadium. Unfortunately, he never made it to the stadium.

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Where Do Your Footballs Come From: A Story Made In Pakistan

Ever thought where those Adidas and Nike footballs you use come from? If you said Europe, USA or Thailand, then you’d be wrong. They come from a small town in the hinterlands of Pakistan. The town of Sialkot.

Initially conceived as an abode for cottage industries, the city has become a world-class manufacturing hub, aided by its burgeoning clusters of production.

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The Lions of Mesopotamia: The Story Behind Iraq’s Asian Cup Win

Everyone loves an underdog story. Football is no stranger to it. West Germany’s 1954 World Cup triumph merely nine years after the Second World War, Iceland’s historic win over England at UEFA Euro 2016, Leicester City’s Premier League victory in the 2015-16 season, are but a few fairytales etched in footballing folklore.

But the story of the Iraqi team’s victory at the 2007 Asian Cup stands out even amongst all these pieces of legend.

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The EA Sports Saga: The Most Hated Video Game Developers in the World

For decades now, Electronic Arts (EA) have been the largest, most impactful makers of video games. Yet many of you will not be surprised to hear that EA is not the most loved company in the world. In fact, they have been commonly referred to as the ‘Evil Empire’ and that may not even be the worst of it.

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Football Rules You Probably Didn’t Know

The most popular sport in the world, Football, is a game with a wide set of rules. These rules are necessary and changes and additions were made with time for the betterment of the game. There are some which are complicated for a normal sports fan to understand like the Offside rule or some rules which are not very common and unheard of by the fans. Here we talk about such football rules which you have probably never knew existed. These are a set of rules that you usually do not encounter within a regular football game.

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Diving into the MDFA – Mumbai’s Semi-Pro Football League

Mumbai, the financial capital of India and the city of dreams. Many people come here to fulfil their dreams or just for a better employment opportunity. Well, many have an aspiration to play football and Mumbai has a multi-division league for the same. Mumbai District Football Association or MDFA is the main body that undertakes footballing leagues in the city of Mumbai. 

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Chessboxing – The Rise of a Bizarre Sport

Chess is a game that takes a lot of mental strength and is a very strategic game. There are more than a thousand trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion ways a game of chess can be played. Just to give you a perspective, that’s more than the number of electrons in the universe. There is another book on the number of variants this game is played in.

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