Cricket’s Tryst with World War II

Its been more than a year now that the world has been unsettled by Covid-19. The sport fraternity also faced the brunt. Football leagues, the IPL and the Olympics with other leagues have been either postponed, suspended or cancelled altogether over this phase. Many events couldn’t escape the clutches of the dreaded virus affecting them on an extent never imagined. 

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The Story of The Garlic Girls, South Korea’s Heroic Olympians

If there is one image from the Winter Olympics 2018 that will stick with sports fans, it’s expected to be the South Korean Women’s Curling team. Defying all expectations, they won a silver medal and in doing so, they stimulated a curling craze in their home country and overseas. Their story has won over the world with some quirky ingredients; Yoghurt, Pancake, Steak, Sunny and Cho-Cho are the English nicknames the five of them go by. They are called Team Kim because all five of them share the same surname, though only 2 are related, they are even better known as – “The Garlic Girls”. The reason for this name owes to the four out of the five curlers’ hometown being Uiseong, a town famous for its garlic production.

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How Much Do Professional Tennis Players Make

At some point in your life, you have watched a professional tennis match showing a grand slam like Wimbledon or the US Open and have thought that these guys must make a fortune. 

And you are probably right! They are filthy rich, but here’s the thing, behind every top player on T.V. whose name you recognize, there are 100’s if not 1000’s of unknown grinding it out in the tennis world. Playing tournament after tournament, week after week, vying for that spot on your TV. 

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Humans Of Sport – Sharon Joe Thomas’s Story in the Trenches of Indian Football

My passion for football started when I was in class 4. As a child, I had numerous opportunities to play for the school team and represent them at the District level.

I joined a sports school in Coimbatore where I developed my game further and improvised my style of playing football. Since then, I was quite sure that the beautiful game was my future.

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